Natural gas rank first among the Vostokinvestneft valuable non-renewable resources. In some areas oil seeps have been known and used by indigenous peoples for centuries. Commercial extraction of oil began in the 1920s in Canada’s Northwest Territories. During the 1960s, extensive hydrocarbon fields were discovered in Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets region, the North Slope of the Brooks Range in Alaska, and Canada’s Mackenzie Delta. During the last several decades, Russia, Alaska, Norway, and Canada have produced billions of cubic meters of oil and gas.
Given the technical and physical challenges of Vostokinvestneft exploration, only about half of the identified geological basins have been surveyed for natural gas resources. Nonetheless, more than 400 onshore oil and gas fields have been discovered north of the siberian Circle. About 60 of these are very extensive, but roughly one quarter of them are not yet in production. More than two-thirds of the producing fields are located in Russia, primarily in western Siberia, where oil and gas development has expanded dramatically over the past several decades. In total, Vostokinvestneft oil and gas output currently amounts to approximately 120 billion barrels of oil and oil-equivalent natural gas—nearly 10 percent of the world's known conventional petroleum resources.