Vostokinvestneft received a license at the registered office Russia in 2006, with all the documents submitted for registration, the activities includes extraction production and exportation of crude oil and natural gas. The company has put on record 2006 inline with an appointed national state registration number INN: 7706622976.

The Inter-district Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service № 46 in Ulyanovskaya realized registration with the organization OOO ''Vostokinvestneft." The registration procedure in the State Institution - Main Department of the Pension Fund Managemen №2 municipal district Filevsky Park was initiated 1996.The register Incorporation last record on the organization reads as follows: (R14003) Change the information entered in uchr.dokumenty

Vostokinvestneft is a distinguished trading company that specialized in the exportation and wholesale of all petroleum and petrochemical products from Russia to globally.

The company having petroleum and petrochemical products as one of the major export products have won many outstanding awards from international communities.Our products are Russian origin and we are partnered with a lot of foreign refineries to export and supply other origins with regard to the demand of our costumers as stipulated to the terms and condition of the contract.

Following the performance of 2002, Vostokinvestneft was one of the largest gas exporter in Russia having exported 17.31 bcm of gas. This performance set the increase of gas production, related primarily to the consolidation of new assets and consolidation of ITERA also. Gas sales in 2012 amounted to 42.4 bcm of gas, including 16.5 bcm in West Siberian, 14.7 bcm in European Russia,4.9 bcm in South Russia,0.9 bcm in far east, and 0.5 bcm outside the Russian federation respectively.This growth keep increase every year, Vostokinvestneft had extended its license and now operate in the development the blocks in Novo- Urengosikoe and Vostochno-Urengosikoe fields. Furthermore in the area of production and exportation Vostokinvestneft account for more than 33% of Russian oil and gas exportation. And this move have placed the company as a major trader in Russia.


For all drilling operations careful planning is a critical step before drilling begins. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as geographic location, drilling equipment, cost, schedule, well parameters, etc. Drilling near a source of water is often very beneficial otherwise water for the drilling mud has to be transported to the site which can be very expensive. Site accessibility is also very important to take into consideration. Large trucks carrying heavy equipment need to have reasonable access to the site and there needs to be enough space at the site for all the equipment and supplies. Drilling during calm times of the year is very important; climate extremes of hot and cold and high precipitation can affect the mud system, the equipment, and make work condition miserable, ultimately resulting in slower drilling progress and higher expenses..